Our Story

Naturally Beautiful: Pure, natural skin care made with ethically sourced ingredients

Our story began from a love of nature and as I have grown older I have become increasingly aware of the very un-natural products we all use on our skin. Whilst studying herbal medicine I was taught how to make medicinal skin ointments and one day decided to experiment and make my own face cream. Knowing that we absorb 90% of the ingredients that we put on our skin, it felt so good knowing that the creams I was making were totally natural and pure and I wanted to share this experience.

Four years later we now have a luxurious product range made of thoughtfully selected ingredients, based on a combination of ancient knowledge, combined with extensive research to make products that not only nourish, protect and soothe skin but also relax and uplift us, to make us feel good and ready for the day.

We have created our natural skincare range to offer us all a very natural and pure alternative to commercial skin care. We use very high quality ingredients, which are ethically sourced, organic where possible and home-grown, when in season and all of our products comply to EU regulations.

The therapeutic grade essential oils we use have been chosen to give you an almost spiritual experience, to help you feel positive, comfortable with your body and happy in your own skin. While applying the products, please allow yourself time to breath in the scents, closing your mind and escape from the outside world for just a few moments to benefit from the pure essential oils, and the carefully chosen healing herbs. Each and every little pot of our product is hand-made with care, love and a little sprinkling of magic.

Our wish is that you enjoy using our products as much as we enjoy making them for you.

Thank you for choosing The Medicine Garden,
Louise and the team

‘The Medicine Garden’ is trademarked


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