Face Creams

The Medicine Garden’s facial collection is hand-made from thoughtfully chosen herbal ingredients to hydrate, protect and gently nourish your face, neck and around the eyes. Choose from our Cucumber Eye Serum with Carrot and Panax Ginseng  or our luxurious face cream with Rosehips and Avocado oil, scented with the delicate uplifting essential oil of Honeysuckle.


LUXURIOUS DAY AND NIGHT CREAM with Avocado, Sage and Olive.

Powerfully hydrating with the amazing Rosehip, so rich in vitamin C and anti-oxidants, luxurious Avocado oil and healing Sesame oil. Scented with the delicate aroma of pure Honeysuckle oil to bring you happiness.
 Suitable as a day and night cream. Be sure to apply in upward strokes to cleansed face and neck.


EYE SERUM with Vitamin E and Otto Rose.

Ginseng stimulates cell renewal and restores elasticity. Sage reduces puffiness and Carrot is full of anti-oxidants to help free radical damage. Scented with Otto Rose, a wonderful, feminine oil great for mature skin and to also bring you balance and optimism.
Apply night and morning to cleansed skin. Squeeze a small drop onto index finger and gently dab the area to the side of your eyes, and to the top of the cheek bones. For optimum effect use after face oil but before face cream.



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